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LV PVC Insulated Building Wires

Application: These cables consists of bare copper conductor, PVC insulated solid, stranded or flexible conductors and are used as power supply cables for fixed protected installations for lighting in buildings, wiring appliances, control gear etc. The voltage range is 450/750 V AC or 600/1000 V AC (when used in fixed installation with mechanical protection) with sizes ranging from 1.5 mm2 to 630 mm2 single core.

Manufacturing Standards: BS EN-50525-2-31/BS 6004

Voltage Rating: 450/750V.

Max. operating temperature: 70°c
HO7V-R, stranded Class2 copper conductor PVC insulated
HO7V-K, flexible Class 5 copper conductor, PVC insulated
HO7V-U, solid Class1 copper conductor. PVC insulated

These cables can also be supplied for 90°C continuous operation as well as 105°C applications with suitable PVC insulation.

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