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HO7RN-F Rubber Cables

Application: These cables are used for electrifying moving equipments since it is designed with high flexibility. This can be used for home appliances, moving cranes, equipments which operates at cold atmosphere etc.High quality Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) is used as insulation material and cross linked elastomers like PCP,CSP,NBR-PVC or EVA are used as outer sheath.

Manufacturing Standards: BS EN 50525-2-21

Voltage Rating: 450/750 V

Max. operating temperature: 60ºc


Single core up to and including 300 mm2
Two core cables up to and including 95 mm2
Three core cables up to and including 150 mm2
Four core cables up to and including 185 mm2
Five core cables up to and including 185 mm2.

In addition to it Silicon Insulated Fire Resistant Cables can also be manufactured as per customer requirement.

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