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Code of Conduct

We firmly believes in strict adherence to highest standards of moral and ethical conduct in our business.

The values and principles which govern the Conduct of Fedcab, A unit of FTC - UAE, and their employees are articulated in the attached Code of Conduct, which guides each employee on the values and principles expected of him or her.

Over the years, the founder and shareholders have reiterated the importance of the values set on in the Code of Conduct, and stressed the need to comply with such values in letter and spirit across Fedcab. Each employee is expected to read and honour the Code of Conduct and to take pride in upholding the high standards of corporate and personal behaviour on which Fedcab reputation have been built.

The Code reflects the wishes of the shareholders about how employees conduct themselves while doing business on behalf of Fedcab.

Our Work Ethics

Corporate accountability and transparency are essential to our success. By embracing good governance and responsible business practices, Federal Cables, A unit of FTC - UAE, creates and sustains a healthy work environment for its staff, thus making it possible to exceed client expectations.

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