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Why LSZH Cables are essential?

Fire is combustion of a material releasing heat, light and various reaction products especially Fumes and Acid Gases.

Compounds uses in cable manufacturing involves various chemical elements like Chlorin,Flourin,Bromin,Iodine, Astatine etc which are called Halogen. Widely used Halogen element is Chlorine, which is when exposed to fire will produce HCL gas ;a highly poisonous one. In buildings, cables are normally uses in fire hazard areas which leads the spread of fire, emission of Dense Smoke and Acid Gases which are very injurious to human health.

At fire Conditions in Shopping malls, Hospitals, Residential buildings, Theatres, Hotels etc,the loss of visibility caused by Dense Smokes/Fumes evolved from burning cables may create delay in evacuation procedure and panic among the crowd/Fire safety personals. Locating the fire source and so firefighting will be difficult under this condition. Also the Acid Gases present in the location will create very serious health issues to the persons inhaling it and it will deteriorate the sensitive equipments and the whole structure of the building.

Cables which produces less amount of Smokes & Acid Gases were very essential to avoid such hazard situation which resulted in a product like Fedcab LSZH SmokeFree cables.

Fedcab LSZH SmokeFree cables uses special formulation of non-halogenated polymers to restrict the evolution of Smokes & Acid Gases.

Why to use Fedcab LSZH SmokeFree Cables?

What is the difference between Flame Retartent Cables & Fire Resistant Cables?

Flame Retartent & Fire Resistant are two terms wrongly used one in place of other quite often though there is huge difference between both in application.

Flame Retartent Cables prevent the propagation of fire to other areas of a cable in the event of fire where as Fire Resistant cable will maintain the 'Circuit Integrity' of a system to ensure the safe evacuation in the event of fire in residential buildings, Shopping Malls etc. In Fire Resistant cables, Copper conductor is taped by MICA, covered by XLPE insulation and LSZH sheathing which will ensure the electrical circuit maintained without short circuit.

Common Flame Retartent cables are LSF/LSZH cables.

Property Flame Retartent Cable Fire Resistant Cable
Manufacturing Standard BS6724 & BS EN 50525-3-41 BS7846
Circuit Integrity                       X BS 6387 C,W & Z & BS 7846 F2
Smoke Emission BS EN 61034-2 BS EN 61034-2
Acid Gas Emission IEC 60754 BS EN 50267-2-1
Flame Propagation BS EN 50266 BS EN 60332-1-2 & BS EN 60332-3-24

In the event of fire, most critical systems like 'Fire Alam', 'Elevators', 'Exhaust', 'Fire-Pumps' etc should work for long time to ensure safe evacuation. Fedcab Fire Resistant Cables are designed to meet the Circuit Integrity Test for 30, 60 and 120 minutes which gives ample evacuation time in the vent of fire.

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